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August 9, 2021



      Remember, your eternal life does not start when you pass, when you transition, when you leave your earthly body.  You are already living your eternal life.  Your life, as you know it now, is a piece of your eternal life.  So, as you create you days, and string your days together, one after another, until your time upon Earth is through, know what you are doing is part of your eternal life experience.  Think as if you know this.  Speak as if you know this.  And let your deeds be reflection that you know this.  This is not a trial run.  Your life is not a useless exercise of chores, and tasks, and daily trips.  Your life, upon the Earth, is sacred, and it is a part of your eternal life.  Know this, and act upon it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       As the time approaches, for you, to end your life upon Earth, there will come to you a different knowing.  And even if you do not think you know, you will begin to prepare.  You will begin to live as if you are already in Heaven.  You will begin to put on the robes you wish to wear when you make your entrance into The Kingdom of God.  You might not know what you are doing, but you have observed other people.  And you have remembered that which they did, and said, days before they returned Home.  And often you say, “They must have known.”  It is the spirit in them that knew.  It is the spirit that prompted them to prepare.  I AM The Holy Spirit of God, and I AM prompting each of you to begin preparation, now.  Do not wait.  Begin now.  And remember, Jesus said, “Heaven is near to you.”  “Heaven is with you.”  What do you think He meant?  Prepare now, so that your days, upon the Earth, are glorious, so that your days, upon the Earth, are filled with The Glory of God.  Do not wait.  Prepare now.