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December 1, 2019



      “I AM with you, and that is good.  I AM with you as God is with you.  I AM with you as The Holy Spirit is with you.  You have been given so much to assure that you do not feel lost, or afraid, or alone, while you walk upon the Earth.  Do not ignore that which you have been given.  Do not turn away from that which you have been given.  Open your heart, and then open the eyes of your soul, for your heart and your soul will tell you what needs to be told, and these things will be: your anchor in a storm; your ship upon the sea; your light upon a hillside.                                                    


       “Angels are messengers from God.  Their creation was of love, energy that sparked and filled all that was with the presence of angelic beings.  God created angels, and their visits to Earth are recorded throughout Scripture, throughout holy writings.  And, while every account of their presence, their being, their messages are not complete, there is enough recorded for those who care to know that angels were there.  They sang anthems when Earth was created, for they were there with the stars.  Angels can take many forms.  They do The Will of God, and when they are sent forth, they go, and as they go, they might come to you, choosing whatever form they feel will best complete the mission handed to them by God. 

      “You have been told to watch for the signs.  You have been told to be still and quiet so you might hear.  But, how often do you expect to be touched by the presence of an angel.  Expect this to happen.  Look for signs all around you, for that which God created is good.  Do not put their existence on a shelf.  Do not ignore their existence, for that which comes from God is holy.  Open your heart to the truth.

      “You are about to begin a time on Earth that is set on a certain date to remember My birth.  And while you do so, this time of year is a time of year that possibly you could open to the presence of angels, because it is impossible to read the accounts of My birth without reading of accounts about angels, from the first announcement, to the celebration on the hillside, to gathering Me up, and taking Me into Egypt.  And, that was just the beginning, for all through My life I opened, and welcomed, the angels to minister to Me.  During this season, which is commencing, open your heart to The Messengers from God, for the angels of The Lord will bring you words of comfort, courage, love, and wisdom.  Do not turn away from that which is sent to save the day for you.  Welcome each encounter with the being sent from God, and in this way, while you are living upon the Earth, you will know the guidance from Heaven.

      “Be at peace this day, as you prepare to celebrate My birthday later this month.  Be at peace and welcome the angels with you, for they are divine, and they are of God.”