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December 10, 2019




      When plans seem to fall apart, when nothing seems to go right, when people seem tense and unapproachable, when you are frustrated be it day or night, the answer, to these and all other situations, has been clearly stated for you, love one another.  You cannot argue your way to resolution that is peaceful.  You cannot push your way through to resolution that is peaceful.  You cannot demand resolution that is peaceful.  But you can be the guiding power of love, which is peaceful.  Love will bring the ingredient of peace to any situation.  Remember, love one another.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Perhaps it is too easy, for it appears the world created by man pays attention to something that is stated in a very complex fashion, set forth to be difficult to understand.  This people will strive to be (the) one who understands, yet most turn away from the simple statement.  Could the answer to every situation be love?  Yes.