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December 10, 2020



      Here it is!  I give you the gift, another day upon Earth.  Do not squander the day.  Do not set aside the gift.  Embrace the gift.  Open, the gift, and look around.  There is much for you to do, today.  Go within yourself.  Open, the gifts you carry within, and pull them all out.  Set them in front of you and choose.  Choose the order, in which you use the gifts, you have been given, to make this day a glorious day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Oh, there will be much happening, today.  You will have many opportunities to use the gifts, you have arrayed in front of you.  You will encounter individuals, who are down, who are low, feeling blue.  Use the gift of kindness.  Give them a gentle word, a supporting pat on the shoulder.  You might encounter individuals, who are grumpy, and others still, who might be filled with anger.  In front of you, right now, are gifts, you can use: to uplift those, who are down; to give encouragement to those, who have lost hope; to give love to those, who are filled with hatred and anger.  You have a counter for every shadow or dark energy that you encounter.  Let today be, the golden opportunity, used.  Do not let it slip away.  Practice, using your gifts, within the gift of this day.