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December 11, 2019



      Stop the arguing.  Set aside petty differences.  Be still and cease the fights and disturbances of peace.  If you have lips, and if you have a voice, bless the Earth with your song, your tone, your choice of lyrics.  Let the song come from you, and move over the Earth, replacing the battle of words, quieting dissension, with the song of peace.  And for those of you who have ears, and can hear, listen, because that which divided you has been overpowered by the song that comes from each of you, and the tone blends, and the melody moves, and Earth is touched by the united songs of peace.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have within you the absolute power to stop any argument, dissension of any kind, and convert it to a song that will be kind to all those around you.  Remember this power you have, and use it, every time there is an issue which causes an argument.  Use the power that is yours, and lead those around you to sing, and the song will be of peace.