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December 12, 2018

God SpeaksKnow, you are living a piece of your eternal life, right now!
Many of you reading these words, or hearing these words,
say you believe. in eternal life; but, you tend to think
eternal life begins when your physical body fails,
when you come to the time of your passing;
and, this is not true, eternal life is now!
You are living your eternal life now!
Do not let this portion of eternity
slip through your fingers, going
unnoticed, unattended.  Live
eternally, now!   And The
Holy Spirit says: Your life-
time is not limited to the lifetime
you are living upon Earth.  You were
created, to live forever, and you shall.  Your
life is not limited to the body you can see now.
You are walking upon the Earth as the seen, and
the unseen, child of God, and you shall live for-
ever; therefore, do not forsake living today.
Live eternally today.  You are the seen,
and the unseen, creation of God!