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December 12, 2019



      The unseen is potent, and powerful, and this potent, powerful energy can be for the good, or for the disruption of good.  Know what you are creating, because you create in the realm of the unseen almost every minute of the day.  You can bless the unseen realm by being watchful and attentive to your thoughts.  If someone comes to mind, and the forgiveness is not complete, regarding that individual, do not go any further before you bless the person.  And let it become an instantaneous action.  The name comes to you, and before anything can be created by you, you say silently, “I bless you.”  This is not an easy habit to continue, but once you begin the practice you will see how powerful it is, because the energy will change, and the energy changes, because you are willing to create peace within the unseen realm.  “I bless you,” the first time, brings about peace within you.  But soon, with each blessing, that energy, that disruptive energy, will begin to diminish, and then recede, and then melt away.  No one will know it, except you.  Then, you see the power.  Then, you hold the peace.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not permit your thoughts to be awash with negative energy.  Begin to change the world within your thoughts, and within your thoughts let there be peace.