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December 12, 2020



      You know it is important, to cover a cough, to cover a sneeze, so you do not infect others with one of these.  But, do you know, the importance of watching, and containing, the words you say, the words that ride the tone and vibration, coming from your mouth, coming through your lips, so that you do not infect others with dis-ease, making them sick.  That which comes out of your mouth, that which flows over your lips, has the ability to heal, has the ability to bless, has the ability to deliver to others courage, and strength, and confidence.  You are mindful of your cough, and sneeze, now be mindful of the words you deliver.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       In less than a minute, pouring out of your mouth, can come destruction, or resurrection.  See the power, held in the words you say.  See the power, in the tone in which you speak your words.  See your ability, to deliver dis-ease and sickness, or joy and wellbeing.