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December 12, 2021


      I wish for you to know The Divine Ways, for The Divine Ways are My Ways, and following My Ways, will lead you to a life sublime, to a life filled with wisdom, for you will hold The Wisdom of Heaven, within you, as you live The Divine Way.  So many, of My children, choose to approach their life, upon Earth, from the physical state, sprinkling it, and seasoning it, with The Ways of Spirit.  I wish for you to consider, living your life, upon Earth, in The Divine Way, using the physical state, to accomplish what you need to accomplish, to bring The Ways of The Divine, My Ways, onto the Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Every day you make a choice.  With every situation, incident, or occurrence, which comes to you, you have the opportunity to choose The Divine Ways, The Ways of God.