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December 13, 2019



      You believe in Me, therefore you know Me, for we speak, and there is communion between us.  You have received the messages, and accepted the direction to love one another, to be kind to all creation, to turn the other cheek, and resist temptation of negative nature.  These things you know.  These things you believe.  Now, in great faith, rise-up, and be a living statement of that which you believe, for while you are doing this your destiny will be complete, as you are living The Way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You know what is on your heart.  God knows what is on your heart.  Therefore, let your heart be a reminder, when there is temptation to stray.  Rise-up today and be a witness of The Living God, to love one another, be kind to all creation, turn the other cheek whenever possible.  And do these things, so all might see, that it is possible to live The Way, to know The Way, and complete your destiny within the knowing.