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December 13, 2020



      You inherited your physical body from your Earth parents, from your biological parents.  You inherited your spiritual body, the spirit that is you, from Me, your Eternal Parent.  Your physical body, by nature, will fade away, when it is no longer required, because it is time for you to depart Earth.  But, the spirit, that is you, the spirit, you inherited from Me, your Eternal Parent, shall never die.  The real you, the unique and marvelous you, will live forever, because you are spirit, first, wearing a body, only for the purpose, of having an Earth experience.  And, the level of experience you have, with your physical body, is something that you inherited from your Earth parents, the ability to: run fast, or jump high; or, fashion a dress out of material; or, prepare a delicious meal; or, recite, or write, poetry; or, enjoy a beautiful painting, or paint it yourself.  These things, these accomplishments, these skills, are your inheritance, from your Earth parents, your biological parents.  But, The Spiritual Gifts, you carry within you, bring wisdom to those things, that group of information, that you gather around you, as you live your life upon Earth.  Your life upon Earth will be blessed, so many ways, if you remember to use your Spiritual Gifts, to illuminate the information of Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have an opportunity, right now, and it is a very special opportunity.  This is why we come to you, today, to remind you of this opportunity, so you do not just throw it away.  You are on Earth.  You can experience sunrise, sunset, fall, spring, the snows of winter.  You can read books, take classes, gather information.  You can know the things of the world.  Yet, you are spirit, first, and you carry Gifts from Heaven to Earth, to illuminate, and bring wisdom to the facts, figures, and information, of Earth.  Use your dual citizenship, wisely.  Pay attention to the honor that your dual citizenship allows you to enjoy: the honor of living on Earth, as a citizen of Heaven; experiencing Earth, as a citizen of Heaven, and, at the same time, being a citizen of Earth.  Do not throw this opportunity away.  Use it to create a glorious day.