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December 13, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I bring you greetings.  I bring you love.  I bring you enthusiasm, for this new day, upon Earth.  And I encourage you to go out, and see this new day, as it unfolds.  I encourage you to: walk, in the rain, and walk, in the snow; walk in the sun, and let the wind blow your hair, and feel the energies of Earth.  Do not close yourself up, behind walls and doors.  Go out, and see the day unfold, because you are on Earth, now.  You have the opportunity to experience Earth, now: to feel; to touch; to taste; to bite into an apple, and let the sensation move you.  Enjoy it.  It is of Earth.  Eat, and drink, and enjoy Earth, for your time will soon come, when you are called Home.  But for now, you have been given the honor of an Earth experience.  Use it well.  Use it with wisdom.                                 


      “Right now, you are on Earth.  If you are hearing these words, or reading these words, you are a citizen of Heaven, residing on Earth.  And, you have a dual citizenship.  You are of Earth.  You are of Heaven.  You are both.  Your biological parents gave you an inheritance, of the physical traits, which they passed to you.  And you can use these physical traits, these things of Earth, to help you accomplish many things.  You can use your brain to study, to research, to learn the information of Earth.  You can walk long distances.  You can learn how to drive a car, to take you from here to there.  You can learn how to fly an airplane, to fly you from here to there.  There is so much you can learn about Earth, and the world created by man, and your ability, to do so, begins within the hands of your biological parents, who have passed-on their heritage to you. 

      “But, at the same time, you are not left to just your physical inheritance, as you walk upon the Earth.  You are not just one-dimensional, you might say.  You have brought to Earth, special Gifts of The Holy Spirit of God, to use, whenever you wish to use them, as you walk upon the Earth.  These Gifts are yours.  These Gifts of Wisdom are yours.  And they lift you, from a one-dimensional experience, into a new place, where you use The Wisdom of Heaven, The Gifts of Heaven, to augment the knowing, the information, the data, of Earth, of the world, created by man.  And, when you use, both together, you then connect the ways of the world, your Earth experience, with Heaven, and you bless all you do.  You bring wisdom to what you know.  You mix them together, into a situation, that is aglow, with Heaven and Earth.

      “Do not deny yourself this special privilege, because by using both of your citizenship rights, you will show others, how they too have dual citizenship, and can experience Earth, in this majestic way.  Pause.  Ponder. 

      “The birds of the Earth sing such beautiful songs.  Listen.  Watch them fly.  See the glory they are, and take an everyday occurrence, such as the song of the bird, to another level.  Bless it all, with The Wisdom of God.  Lift it all, within The Wisdom of God, so that you might live upon Earth, knowing The Wisdom of God.”