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December 14, 2018

God SpeaksYou
have been
given the opportunity,
by being born upon the Earth,
to realize all that you can do, what
can actually be accomplished, when
the spirit that is you, motivates the
physical body that you wear.  You
have the opportunity to realize
that you, too, can create mir-
acles.   Do not confuse the
position of the physical
and  the  spiritual.
To see miracu-
lous things,
let the
that is you,
lead  The  Way,
and be  the fuel,  for
the body you wear. And
The Holy Spirit says:  You
are  there,  upon  the Earth.
Do  not  get confused,  or  dis-
tracted,  and put the body  in the
driver’s seat!  Let the spirit, that is
you, lead The Way, and motivate the
body you wear  to do great things;  be-
cause, the reality is you can do all things!