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December 14, 2019



      If today you find that a severed, broken relationship has left you feeling rejected, alone, sad, crying, angry and frustrated, there is something you can do to shift these feelings within you, which will begin a healing, and set you on the path of forgiveness, and restore the balance within you.  Resist the temptation to spread an accusation amongst others.  Be still and quiet and let My love flow into you.  And then, we will begin a wisdom lesson, which will restore life within you.  Every time that situation, or that person, or people, come(s) into your memory, or fill you heart with sadness, or frustration say this.  “I bless you.  I forgive myself, and I forgive you, and anything which had to do with this severed relationship, with this broken relationship.”  That is it, My child.  But once will not complete the forgiveness, once will not complete the healing.  But, every time you say those words wisdom will take root within you, and soon, after much dedication, you will see the light within you again is flickering, and then the flame comes, and then when the name comes you are eager to pronounce, “I bless you.”

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Dealing with severed, broken relationships, in the way of God, is certainly different from the way the world would teach you to react.  Fight the temptation to react in the ways of the world, and seek a quiet approach, seek The Way God would teach you.  And in the stillness, you will hear The Whisper, and The Whisper will say, “Be still.  Be still, My child, and let us pray forgiveness.”  And, if you follow, you will rise-up, and wisdom will be your crown, and forgiveness will be your garment, and peace will reign within you, once again.