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December 15, 2019



      It is time for you to begin to understand the power, and the potency, of that which you create within your thoughts.  Your thoughts live within you.  You give birth to good and noble and courageous energies, or you give birth to shadowy, dark energies.  And these creations move throughout your body, and their birth is often announced by the words you say, and the deeds you do.  And through these words and deeds your creations enter, and walk upon, the Earth.  This, My child, is profoundly powerful.  Pray on it and ask for the wisdom to understand and comprehend what you do, regarding creation every minute of the day.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Many of you are seeking something to do.  You are seeking The Path of Light, you are longing to do something for The Glory of God, and this is all good, it is as it should be, but do not set-out on these missions before you understand the birthing process that goes-on within you.  What are you thinking?  Does goodness and light, or shadow, or darkness, gain your attention?  Understand that you have the power to focus your thoughts on The Light, but it does take attention, and intention, to do so.  Today, create Light.