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December 15, 2019



      “I AM with you.  I reach-out to you, the same way Our Father reached-out to Me, when I walked upon the Earth.  The comfort that this brought to Me, I wish to extend and continue by offering it to you.  I AM with you, know this, then you will be more apt to receive the guidance from this side of the veil, and reject the direction from the ways of the world, for when the ways of the world are of light they will parallel your direction from behind the veil, and this will be pleasing to you as you smile, and see this.  When the ways of the world are opposite, they will go-off in another direction, and you will stay with Me.  I AM with you.                                                     


       “At this time of year many of you are preparing, or perhaps are already in the midst of celebrating this season, commemorating My birth upon the Earth.  And, when you are celebrating My birth upon the Earth, it is impossible not to bring-in, and recognize, all the miracles surrounding My birth upon the Earth, miraculous occurrences that played-out upon the Earth, because so many were willing to believe.  And so that they might not miss the great event, the signs were powerful.  The unseen walked upon the Earth, and was seen, so that those who were meant to be present, at a certain place, and at a certain time, were present.  There were no accidents.  It was all written, and came to fruition, because it was important to do so.

       “Today, I wish to encourage you to understand that throughout the day you are giving birth.  You are giving birth to your thoughts, and these thoughts, created within you, live.  They live in the words you say, and the things you do.  These thoughts even impact those around you, for you sieve all that you hear through your thoughts and your beliefs.  You arrive at decisions because of your thoughts and beliefs.  Once you understand the power of your thought, and see it in this way, you will be vigilant to guard you thoughts, to direct your thoughts as a master would do so, rejecting the wrong direction, knowing within your being, that there is no need to turn right, when you see The Light in the path you are on.  Give your thoughts the attention they deserve, and do not let them wander.  Your words reveal what is held within you, many times, even when you are choosing to deceive, by speaking words to suit those around you, bits of your thoughts will impact the words you say.

       “Throughout this week, when you have a thought, direct the gift of this thought toward The Light.  Let your creations be of Light, and send them forth from you, riding upon the words that you do say, by blessing all who come your way.  Bless all things.  You can change the course of the world by blessing rather than cursing.  So, give birth to this change, and let your words bring forth The Deeds of Light.  Do not wander in darkness when it is not necessary.  Direct your thoughts and see where they will take you.  The day is set before you.  Thoughts are jumping in your head already.  Now, direct them, as a good master knows how to do, and send them forth from you in a celebration of words that are a blessing to all people and all nations, and let this noble deed begin in your thoughts, and come through you.”