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December 15, 2020



      When you hear My Whisper, when I AM calling, do not be afraid to rise-up, and stand with Me.  Even when members of your own family do not understand, the rising, the call, still, stand by Me.  For, together, we will walk, and I will teach you, and you will hear Me, and I will guide you through, so that you might fulfil your destiny.  Do not be afraid to answer the call, to rise to the occasion, to stand by Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is very difficult to hear The Whisper of God, in a sea of chaos and confusion.  But, when you are still, and quiet, when you are seeking answers, prayerfully, the answers will come to you, quietly.  Do not be afraid.  When The Hand of God reaches for you, rise-up, and take The Hand.  And The Hand will lead you along a path, that is especially designed for you, created in conjunction with the destiny that is yours.  Do not be afraid.  When you hear The Whisper, rise-up, and stand, with God.