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December 16, 2018

God SpeaksSaying, “Yes,”
to following your destiny,
does not shelter you from what is happening
all around you, it prepares you for what is going to happen,
and what is happening.  Saying, “Yes,” to The Divine Plan, assures mes-
sages and signs flowing to you, so that you will know, which way to go.
And The Holy Spirit says:  Preparing
for a storm, which is approaching,
does not shield you from the storm that falls: upon you; those
who have said, “No;” and those who do not know
what is happening around them:
but, the preparation
assists you,
the storm,
and you are safe,
and  you  are  warm,
when  you  might  have
been  scattered,  and  torn.
Saying, “Yes,” to The Will of God
does not  put you in  isolation;  but,  it
does guarantee that you will know The Way!