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December 16, 2019



      Nothing I have asked of you is impossible for you to do.  I gave you the gift of free will, and then I sent Jesus to walk amongst you upon Earth, and asked that He deliver the new command, to love one another.  He was anointed to perform miracles so that those around Him might see what is possible, what I will do through each of you, and He spoke the words to make sure that it was understood.  And, He pronounced that you can do all He is doing, has done, and continues to do.  And, following that powerful lesson and direction, The Holy Spirit was sent to be with you, to guide you so you would know what to do.  This guidance does not take away your free will.  It gives you a choice, a choice you make every day.  I will not ask you to do that which is impossible to do.  You have seen the signs, you have heard the words, and you have The Spirit with you.  Now, it is with you to choose that which you will do.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       The teaching is so easy.  The prophecies were made.  The prophecies were fulfilled.  The new command was delivered, and love was left upon the Earth.  And, to assure all would flow, as it is meant to flow, The Holy Spirit was sent to gather all under The Wings of The Dove, and guide each one in The Course of Love.