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December 16, 2020



      A world record, for a certain event, can be established, one day, and shattered the next.  A groundbreaking discovery can be announced by science, one day, and denounced the next.  A public figure can be proclaimed, one day, and disclaimed the next.  A fruit or vegetable can be announced, as a miracle food, one day, and pronounced dangerous the next.  A physical exercise can be acclaimed the best way to lose weight, and gain strength, one day, and discarded the next.  What many people consider to be the best way, might not be the best way for you, at all.  Within your physical body, there are triggers, which will let you know, what is good for your body, what you should know about your physical body.  And there are also spiritual triggers, within your spiritual body, which will let you know, what is right for you, spiritually.  These guides are within you, so you might know The Way.  Do not surrender, that which you know, for what others proclaim to be true, for them.  Hold to what you know is good for your body, and your body will serve you, well.  Hold to what you know is spiritually true, for you, and your spirit will serve you, well.  And remember, I AM with you.  I will not fail you.  I will guide you, in all ways.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is always possible to thank another person for bringing you information, about: food, exercise, law, science, weather, or finance.  It is also possible to say, “Thank you, for that information,” yet, still be guided, by what you know, from within.  Be guided, by what you know, about your own physical body.  Be guided, by what you know, about your own spiritual body.  In this way, you will be taught by God.  The Hand of God will move you, and you will sail over troubled waters, onto the calm sea of peace and confidence.  You have all you need.