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December 16, 2022


      The ways of the world can be harsh.  And, if you sink, too deeply, into the ways of the world, it is possible for you, too, to become harsh, indifferent.  Soon, you find you are turning your head, from those in need, closing your ears, to the cries for help, sealing your mouth, so that words of kindness, and compassion, do not escape.  Sit with Me, every day, and as we sit together, I will wash away the temptations, that are luring you, into the ways of the world.  Your heart will be soft, and loving.  Your eyes will see.  And your spirit will lead you to do, that, which you can do, to alleviate the pain, that others are experiencing, through acts of kindness, and mercy, and love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Open, your eyes, and see.  Look around.  Sometimes, it takes but a smile to lift someone up, on a day that is particularly trying, for them.  Do not hesitate, because you believe you do not have enough to give, to share.  Sometimes, your presence is all that is needed there.  You will not be asked to give more than you have.  And the more you have is, within you.  I AM with you, and within you.  My light is, within you, because My light is your light.  So, shine your light, reminding others, that the light is within them, too.  Reach-out, your hands, and bring those in lack close to you.  The signs are all around you.  Do not fear.  Do not hesitate to become involved.  Rise-up, and do, that, which your heart is leading you to do, and peace will be your reward.