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December 17, 2018

God SpeaksWhen
you are willing
to  revisit  the  past
with the intention of
forgiving all things

you are reward-
ed, you are
with the joy,
and the happiness
it brings; for, you have
cut the cord,  broken  the chain,
released the burdens, 
you were once
carrying, and you  find you are free, again!
And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:  It might be difficult
at first to forgive all things,
because there will a piece
of your ego,
that tells you, repeatedly, that you have every
to hold your position;  but,  this does you no good.  Set the
ego aside, and forgive!  Loose the pride, and forgive.  Forgive yourself
and all others; and,
as you do so it is as if you are being filled with helium,
and you rise, and you rise, and you rise.  With each forgiving prayer, you rise-
free from the debris, free from the chains, free from the ties that bound you.