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December 18, 2020



      The world, created by man, will judge your value, and your worth, by your ability to perform certain skills, to know certain things.  And you are graded, and placed in a position, in comparison to those around you.  I know your value.  I know your worth.  Without judgment, I love you.  I will not give you a test, to place you in a position, or standing, in comparison with others.  I ask of you, the same thing I ask of others, and it is not a test, to place you in a position, above or below others.  That which I ask of all of you, of each of you, can be done, in equal proportion, by all of you, by each of you.  Each of you can love.  It is not a skill, it just requires, your will, to do so.  Each one of you can be kind and charitable.  Being kind and charitable is not a skill, it is a matter of your will, to be kind and charitable.  That, which I ask of you, will not be used to measure you, for your value, and your worth, has already been established.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, understand that God values you, knows your worth, loves you.  Apply this information, this knowing, to everything you do today.  You are loved, pass it on.  You are valued, pass it on.  God acknowledges your worth, pass it on, and acknowledge the worth of others.  Do these things today, and you will be continuing The Ways of God, today.