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December 19, 2020


      Right now, you might be beginning a challenging task, filled with doubt, wondering, if you can do it.  I AM talking to you.  I AM calling you.  Come, sit with Me.  You might be completing a monumental task, which many said could not be done, yet there it is in front of you, complete.  And you are the one, who accomplished the goal, who met the challenge.  I AM talking to you.  I AM calling to you.  Come, and sit with Me.  At this time, today, you might be in the middle of a project, and things are not going very well.  In fact, they seem to be failing, at every juncture, and your spirits are low, and you are wondering how much longer you can go on, with the project.  I AM calling you.  Come, sit with Me.  Today, you might find yourself in the middle of a project, a project, which has taken many months of your life, and all of a sudden, there is no hardship, no strife, in this project, any longer.  It seems to be on wheels, just flowing forward, rolling forward, a momentum, which you long desired to see.  And even though you have not reached the end, you taste sweet victory.  You know you will finish the task.  I invite you.  Come, sit with Me.  No matter where you are, no matter what station you are taking-up, right now, stop, and sit with Me.  No matter what you need, no matter what you feel is required, if you will stop, and sit with Me, I will teach thee, and you will know the answer.  You will be emboldened, and filled with enthusiasm, to begin a task.  You will find strength, and courage, to push through all the problems, and obstacles, that seem to be blocking any more progress, and carry-on.  You will find that I will give you support.  Even when you feel you have met the challenges, and are on your way to success, still, it is important that we speak, together.  It will change your perspective.  It will make things better.  And for you, those of you, who have accomplished the goal, who have completed the project, whose task is done, and it stands glorious, in the morning sun, I still invite you to pause, and sit with Me, so you can see, that which you have done, through heavenly eyes.  No matter where you find yourself, today, come, sit with Me.  Let us pray, together.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Each day begins, the hours, the minutes, the seconds, all leading to the end, of the day.  But each day unfolds differently, for every person.  Even though you are doing the same thing, as the person next to you, still, your day is slightly different from the day your partner is experiencing.  Every day is different.  But every day can be filled with The Gifts of God.  You can find accomplishment in The Gift of God.  They track your progress, and: give you strength and courage, when it is required; give you confidence, when that is what you need; give you a sense of fulfillment and bless each, and every, deed.  Incorporate, into every day, a time, when you can pause and pray, and see what you are doing, through the eyes of God.