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December 19, 2021


      “I AM with you.  I AM with you in so many ways.  I AM with you through nights, and through days.  I AM with you through sickness, and health.  In all ways, at all times, I AM with you.  Therefore, be at peace, and know, that I AM with you, and we will walk, through the days, and the nights, together, as one.  Know this, and be, at peace.                                  

“I want to tell you a story.  There was once a lush oasis, that had sprung up, on either side of a river, that was wide, and nurtured the land.  Many peopled lived on the banks, of this river, and towns grew there.  And even though they were surrounded by desert, they were not aware of the dangers, of the desert, because life was lush, and rich, and bountiful, on the banks, of this river.  There were fish in the river.  There were river fowl.  The land animals came to drink, at the river.  The trees were filled with dates, and nuts, and olives; and the grains grew tall.  The people, who were there, lacked for nothing.  Life was good.  The waters, of the river, blessed them, with abundant life.  But then, gradually, the river began to dry-up.  There was no rain.  The river became the size of a small stream.  Still, no rain.  What little water was left could not support the fish, or the other life, that had counted on it, for so long.  The animals could not drink from the water, as it slowly disappeared, evaporating, leaving only sand. 

      “Gradually, the grain, that had been growing, in such abundance, withered, and was buried, in the sand.  The trees, that had given such good food, withered, and they too were buried, in the sand.  The people, and the animals, left.  Well, most left.  There were a few, who stayed, who knew, that this was but a temporary thing.  Within them, they knew, and wanted to see, what change would bring life, back to the banks, of the evaporated river.  Generations, and generations, and generations came and went.  The grain remained buried, beneath the sand, as did the trees.  The fish were no more.  Desert had moved in and taken all. 

      “There were those, who stayed, in the caves, and learned to adapt, to the desert ways.  There were snakes, and scorpions, and bugs, that also adapted, to the ways, of the desert.  But then, one day, just as those few remaining had known would happen, the skies parted, and the rain fell, from above.  And at first, the ground was so dry that the rain hit the Earth, and bounced off, and hit the Earth, and bounced off.  And then, it began to flow, in a steady stream.  And the water, falling from above, showed the stream, first; and then, the stream got deeper, and wider; and the waters, from above, brought forth the river; and the river began to flow again.  And those, who had waited, in the caves, came out, to the banks, of the river; and one by one, that, which had been buried, in the sands, of the Earth, rose-up, to greet new life.  All that was buried rose-up.  The grains were once again ready to feed.  The trees, with the foods, the nuts, and the dates, and the olives were ready to feed.  They had been touched, by the life, in the water, flowing onto Earth, from above.  And it did not take long, for that oasis, of peace and abundance, to spring back to full life.  The water brought resurrection, and joy, and peace.  And all, who lived, on the banks, of that river, celebrated, and were thankful, for the waters, that flowed, from above.

      “Do not lose faith.  Continue to know, that no matter, how dry, and parched, your life, might be, the waters of grace, will resurrect all that is within thee; and that, which was parched, will spring forth, to feed you, manna, from Heaven.  Be, at peace, and know.  Be, at peace, and wait.  Be, at peace, and be vigilant, for the waters will flow, and they will flow upon you, and there will be great resurrection, and you will know life, with great abundance.”