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December 2, 2019




      Sing and praise the glory of creation all around you, for that which I began you continue, and it surrounds you.  Sing of the glory, and if you sing, the trees will join, and the rocks will continue the song, and the waters flowing will bring a sense of glowing to the song, and the air moving around you will carry the song high above you and into the heavens.  All of Earth sings of the glory of creation.  Sing.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      If you will be still and look around you, awe will fill you, and you will be moved to call-out, regarding the glory of creation, for that which God began you continue.  If you do not sing, if you will not sing, the trees, and the rocks, and the waters, and the breeze, and the mountains, and the seas, and the desert will sing the song.  Join the song of creation, for it is a celebration of that which God began and that which you continue.