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December 2, 2020



      I am calling you from the trees of the forest, from the waves of the ocean, from the sands of the desert, from the grasses of the meadows, from the peaks of the mountains, from the rivers in the valleys.  I am calling you, today, to come, set yourself aside, and walk, where your heart leads you.  Let your spirit guide you into natural settings, the original cathedrals of prayer, so you might be refreshed and renewed by Earth, so you might be healed and made whole, within My arms, within My breath.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Come with Me from the hardened streets of the city, from the hardened ways of the world, and the trees will tell you stories, and the birds of the air will sing, and the waters of the rivers will leap with joy, and sunlight, illuminating the green, mossy garments of rocky terrain, will delight you, and stimulate your senses, and you will breathe deeply, once again.  Come with Me, and your feet will be caressed by the soil of Earth, as we walk.  And, as we sit, you will be embraced in a blanket of grass, and the scent of flowers will be as incense, fulfilling your spirit, responding to the song of your soul, opening your heart, for that which is to come.  Come with Me, and live.