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December 20, 2018

God SpeaksYour days will be easier if you remember this.  If
you are angry, you have chosen the energy of anger.
If you are sad, you have chosen the energy of sadness.
If you are frustrated, or dismayed in any way, it is
portant to remember,  that
is what  you have cho-
sen!   Act, using the energy of My love; for, if
you find yourself playing with shadow
energies,  it  is  vital 
to  know,  to
you have not
chosen Me!  And
The Holy
Spirit says:
When you choose
the light and the love
of God, there is absolutely
no room for shadow or dark
ergies; therefore,  make the correction,
instantly,  at  first  notice.   Do not  dwell  in
shadows, when you can live in the light of God!