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December 20, 2019



      When you are in a relationship, and the time comes for commitment, you make a promise, through all things, you will stay together, you will walk the path together, no matter what.  And, you are willing to make this commitment, even when you do not know what this commitment might bring your way.  This is love.  And, when you are preparing to give birth to a child, you make a commitment; and, when that child is born the commitment is deeper.  You commit to take care of that child, and love that child, and show that child The Way.  You make this commitment before you know what will happen each and every day.  This is love.  You are My child.  You come from Me, and before you existed My commitment was to love and care for you through eternity.  And, with the gift of eternal life you were also given the gift of free will so that you might make the choice, and no matter what you choose, I will love you.  This commitment is love, eternal love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       God loves you, without condition.  God has made a commitment to you, and this commitment has no end, it is eternal, it is the ultimate gift of love.  Will you make that commitment to God?  Will you say, “Thy will be done, God.  Let it be done according to Thy will.”?