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December 20, 2020



      The Messiah was not sent to Earth to be born in a palace, or a stately mansion.  He was born, out in nature, with nothing around Him, except loving parents, and the animals, and the stars, and the sun, and the moon.  And The Wind kissed His cheek.  His earthly father did not walk the corridors, and hallways, seeking worldly information, seeking to read, and to study.  He was a tradesman, who could take care of his family, in a humble, simple way.  The mother was not covered in jewelry, and costly garments.  She was a simple, young girl, whose faith reached beyond the normal capacity, leading her to a place, of courage and strength, wherein she would say, “Yes, I will do it,” knowing she would be shunned, talked about, and possibly stoned.  But My hand was over this simple, earthly trinity, father, mother, son.  And no harm would be done to them, until it was time, for The Messiah, to return Home.  My hand is also over you.  Find the strength and courage, to rise-up, and renew your faith.  Be humble, be simple, be of faith.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The Messiah was not found in (a) palace.  The Messiah was not found, wearing a royal gown.  The Messiah was not found, eating from gold and silver.  The Messiah was found in the humblest of places: with nothing, according to the ways of the world; but with everything, according to The Ways of God.