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December 20, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I reach-out, to touch you, to bring you words, which will sustain you, as you make your way, in the world, today; for, this is what you need today.  You need courage and confidence, so listen to what I do say to you.  Listen, be still.  You will not hear Me, when you are surrounded by noise.  Go quietly, find a space, where you can close your eyes, and be still, and speak My name, and I will answer.  I AM with you.                                    


      “At this time of year, it is a custom, amongst many of you, to remember My birth, upon the Earth.  It is not marked on the exact day of My birth, but a date has been chosen, when all those of Earth, can gather, and sing, and remember, and celebrate My coming.  And this is good.  It is as it should be.  But this year, I humbly ask of thee, to rethink the celebration.  Rethink the noise, and the chaos, and the weariness, and the worry, that the season of My birth seems to bring to so many.  This year, really, make it a point, a point, rarely followed through to completion, to understand the great significance of a humble beginning, upon Earth, a Prince of Heaven, born upon Earth.  But, where?

      “You speak the words, and tell the story often, and pass it to your children.  But do not let the significance, of this humble place of birth, go unnoticed, go unmarked.  You must understand that The Creator of All Things, could have arranged, for My entrance, My birth, onto the Earth, to take place in a palace, or the home of a wealthy merchant, but that was not where it was to be.  My birth was to be in humility, in simplicity, in quiet.  In that way, those who were touched, by The Whisper of God, those who were stirred, by the movement of angels, would be drawn to Me, would find Me, as they were led, by The Hand of God.  There were no trumpets, blasting the sound, giving the notification, that a new heir had been crowned.  No, there were songs, from heavenly choirs of angels, but they were not on the steps of the palace.  They were on the hillsides, with the shepherds, and the flocks.

      “Do not let this opportunity pass you by.  Take the time to revisit that story.  And, as you ponder My birth, and the location of My birth, and My simple, humble beginnings, pray for the wisdom to flow to you, and within you, so that you see the significance, so you know The Way.

      “God did not intend the Messiah to come to the people of Earth, and show them more of Earth, give them more material objects, push them farther from Me.  The Messiah was intended to come to Earth, to remind all, who would listen: that the creation of Earth was of God; that the hills were of God, and would dance and sing, and the rocks and the rivers, would roll and ring, making the announcement of eternal life.  The Messiah came, to the peoples of Earth, to lead them Home, to show them a life of service to others, of kindness and generosity to others, show The Way, so that those of Earth might care for others, as they cared for themselves.

      “My story was not (of) one, who was born, into life in a poor way, having nothing, and then rising to fame.  My story continued, throughout My lifetime upon Earth, in a humble way, a simple way.  Ponder these words this week.  Look around and see how you are beginning to celebrate, in memory of Me.  And then, let your celebration, be one that remembers, Me, and My life, simply, humbly.”