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December 21, 2018

God SpeaksAs
and spiritually,
you begin to under-
stand  the importance  of
every  minute  of  every  day,
you begin to  understand  the im-
portance of every thought you have,
and every word  you say,  you begin to
understand ~ the meaning ~ of saying,
“We are all one.  We are united as one.”
And The Holy Spirit says:  When you
reach the place where you can
all as one, then comes the un-
derstanding,  that  the in-
dividual is not
Every thought
you have goes into the bowl
of the one;  and,  it either  blesses
the bowl or taints the bowl; therefore,
check your thoughts.  Every word you say
does not melt away, it goes into the eternal
bowl of one:  and, it either blesses the bowl
or taints the bowl; therefore, be mindful of
what you say;  and,  the same goes for the
deeds you do. Everything you think, and
say, and do, is significant in blessing
or tainting, the bowl of The One!