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December 21, 2019



      My child, you are meant to fly.  You are meant to breathe deeply, while you are upon the Earth.  You are meant to dance and sing sweetly, while you are upon the Earth.  But, it is impossible to do all you are meant to do, while you are upon the Earth, if the chains of anger, and frustration, and sorrow hold you down, because they are heavy.  And, when they are around you cannot move easily without being pulled back into place by the sheer weight of these things.  There is no need to be held in place.  The key to your freedom, the key to unlock the chains, is in your heart, forgive all things, and this, My child, includes you.  Forgive yourself, forgive all others, and slowly you will find the chains slip from you, no longer locked to you, you are free.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       The shadowy, dark energies that you cling to, from the past, can hold you prisoner, and forgiveness can free you.  Who would remain a prisoner when they hold the key to freedom?  Be willing to ask for forgiveness, and to offer forgiveness, freely.  Do not hold a grudge, do not maintain your anger, do not walk around with hurt feelings, for these things weigh you down.  Make it your intention to free yourself today, to be at peace, and always ready to say, “I forgive you.”