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December 21, 2020



      You have been given the guidance.  You have been shown The Way.  Do not make it complicated, today.  The words are simple, love one another.  The words were spoken.  The direction was given.  And the example was lived-out, in front of you, so you could see, how it looked, in the living aspect of it.  You have all you need.  The path is set before.  You know The Way, now walk in it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not fall to the temptation of doubt, or confusion, or chaos.  Do not take-up the banner, held high, by so many.  Do not be trampled.  Do not trample.  Do not run, in circles.  Do not follow those, who do not know where they are going.  Rise-up.  You have been given the words.  You have been shown The Way.  Hold to it, and live it, today.