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December 22, 2019



        I wish for you to know the miracle of you.  You traveled from Heaven.  You made the journey to Earth.  You slipped into the garment of Earth so that you might do great things, and restore Earth to its rightful place, as it is in Heaven.  That is you, that is the miracle of you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you put in order, in proper order, who you are, recognizing, completely and fully, that you are spirit first, then you, the eternal you, the spirit that is you, guides the body, that is you as a human being, for a while.  And, this association is miraculous, and can do great things.  So, if you have been mixing the order slightly, take the human being and put the spirit ahead, in first chair, so to say, so that the spirit leads the human being every day.