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December 22, 2019



      “I AM with you, and, with joyous celebration, I reach-out, and say to you, ‘I AM with you.’  From The Dimension of Perfection, you know as Heaven, I come to speak with you, to talk with you, so that you might begin to know Me better, and understand creation continuing, understanding it in such a way that you know you are an eternal being, and this is but a piece of your life.  Let us walk this piece together.                                                          


       “You have reached a season upon the Earth where many of you are celebrating My earthly birth, and there are stories, and movies, and songs, and conversations about individuals whose names are: Mary, and Joseph, and Jesus.  You talk about the angels, and the Wise Men, about the challenges, the terror.  You talk about Elizabeth.  You speak of many things.  You speak of how the journey of a young girl began with a message from an angel, Gabriel, and how this put her in a place which might be considered threatening, and yet angels were at work again, instructing the man to take the woman in.  And so, it began, with angels, and dreams, and visions galore, confirmation and acknowledgement from family members, and so, at what seemed miraculous conditions, a young family began.  And, you might think that announcement from angels, and singing, and dreams, and prophecies fulfilled might lead them to a life of laughter and joy, but this was not the case.  There were tears and sorrow mixed-in with the laughter and joy, and it all seemed to come to a crashing end at a place of disgrace, in a scene which the world would describe as abject failure.  But, what appears to be a challenge and a failure, through the eyes of the world, is not necessarily so.  It is often the seed which brings forth growth, an eternal garden that is revered by Heaven, and unseen by man.

       “If you take away the names, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Elizabeth, angels, shepherds, Wise Men, take all these names out of what I just described, birth, life, challenge, joy, tears, failure, unseen glory, it could be your story.  This thought often escapes those thinking about the miracle of My birth, the celebration of Christmas, but My birth and My life could be your birth and your life.  Today, I would like you to sit quietly, and ponder the miracle that is you.

       “While the conditions of each of your births are not the same, some of them, some birthing experience, some announcement of birth, could have come at most inopportune time for the mother and the father.  They might have thought, ‘It will bring hardship.’  It might have come a time when someone was sick or had lost their job.  But, come it did, and during this time of challenge what happened was, the birth of a child, at what appeared to be a difficult time, only brought to the parents the knowing that they did it, they accomplished something they thought would be impossible to do.  And, with each step of The Way, these promises, and confirmations, were renewed over, and over again.  You see, the challenges that come are only the opportunity to prove that really nothing is impossible, when it is yours to do. 

      “Even at times when you have felt the sting of humiliation, falling completely on your face, slipping out of grace of family members and friends, the fact that you are listening to these words, or reading these words, means you got-up, you passed through the sting, and the hurt, and the rejection, and you kept moving forward.  It wasn’t the end of you, because there was more to do.  You see, our lifetimes upon Earth are more the same than they are different.  I would like you to ponder today, the miracle of you.”