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December 22, 2020



      Stay connected with Me, so that you can hear Me, and know that I AM with you, and support you, all along The Way.  The course of a marathon is marked.  All along that course, there are barricades, to separate those, who are there to support, and encourage, the runners, from those, who are there to participate, as runners, in the race.  All along the course, whenever a runner, begins to grow weary, or doubtful, that runner will hear encouraging words of support, coming from behind the barricades.  You can see it when it happens.  The runner’s pace quickens, shoulders are set, again, and a look of determination replaces that look of doubt.  I AM with you, as you run the course.  Stay connected with Me, stay open, to that which I can give thee, and: you will hear, and feel, the encouragement; you will know, the strength, and the power, of My support.  And, when you grow weary, I will lift you up, and you will make your way, through whatever challenges are with you, that day.  I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Those barricades, that are set-up along the route of a marathon, separate those, who are running the race, from those, who are there to support the runners.  Close your eyes, and see the barricades as a veil, separating Heaven and Earth.  See the runners, as men, women, and children, from all walks of life, making their way, through everyday challenges, and tasks.  See the cheering crowds as heavenly beings, as angels, as Jesus, as Me, as The Hand of God, because that is how it is.  At the time, it is your opportunity, to run the course of Earth, but you are not alone.  Your greatest encouragement, your greatest supporters, are just behind the barricade, just behind that veil.  The Spirit of God is within you, encouraging you to keep going.  Stay connected, with the unseen guardians of Heaven, encouraging you, from beyond the veil, unceasingly supporting you, all along The Way.