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December 23, 2019



      There is mighty, powerful energy within you.  In some of you, this energy is calm and still, while others experience energy that is sometimes raging, often to the point of being uncomfortable, unsettling.  It stirs you when you move, pacing.  It is possible to check this untamed energy, to use it for the good of all.  Today, begin to master the energy that is within you.  Breathe deeply and speak to the energy that is within you.  Address the energy with the guidance to be still, and calm, and powerful.  Master the energy that you have calmed in such a way that every word you say is sweet, and tender, and compelling.  The power of a peaceful presence is palpable and will calm an entire room of people just by being in their midst.  You do not have to say a word, just master your energy so that you are the bringer of peace.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       For some, it is easy to walk through the day undisturbed, the energy within them is at peace and in balance.  For others, it can be a challenge, because the energy within them is uncertain, more like wild horses corralled, trying to escape, and not knowing how.  The escape comes with a gentle whisper, leading the energy, all that power, into a place of peace.  Today, go within, and find the beauty in the power of a peaceful presence.