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December 24, 2018, Christmas Eve

God SpeaksIt
is time
to set aside
the  things  that
keep you locked in-
to place, prevent your
ascending; it is time
to set aside petty
whether they be small,
insignificant, or grand and wide
in scope.    The size of  the  differences,
the arguments,  does  not  matter,  what mat-
ters is that you transcend these things, forgiving
all things in the past, and accepting the reality
your eternal life, and therein live in glory!  Do not
permit your light to be diminished.  Rise-up; and,
your story!  And The Holy Spirit says:  There
are some days especially designed, wherein
it is possible, wherein it is easier: to set
aside the ways of the world
to embrace the ways of God;
to set aside your petty differences
to embrace the glory that is yours.  You have
been given the gift of eternal life, experience it, live it!