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December 24, 2020


      Sacred events are, most appropriately, observed in quiet, in a state of stillness.  Today, be quiet, be still.  Be still, as you remember, and observe, the sacred event, of the coming of The Messiah.  Let your thoughts be rich: with memories; with teachings; with respect, for all that Child was going to do.  For The Messiah was sent to you, to walk amongst you, and to be The Light, illuminating The Way.  He came to you, so you might live, through Him.  Be still, be quiet, and listen.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       He is with you.  Even today, The Child of Bethlehem is with you.  He came, with a light in the sky, announcing The Birth.  He came, with angels, singing, over the Earth.  And those, who found Him, after His birth: were poor, and were wealthy; were simple, and learned; they were local, and visitors from far away.  They came, as they were guided.  You are guided, too.  Begin today.  Go to the stable and pray.  Welcome The Child, The Messiah, into your world, today.  And your world will never be the same, because He is The Light, sent to show you The Way.