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December 25, 2019



      Do not limit your Earth experience to only those things you believe are possible.  Do not let the thought that something is impossible create the path you are to walk.  Open your heart and believe.  Believe that miracles will show you The Way, every day.  Believe in miracles, even when you are turned away, or rejected, and those around you, or close to you, say, “There is no room for you here.”  Believe: the miracles will lead you to where you are to go; miracles will pour forth from you.  In this state of believing all things are possible, if they are meant for you to do.  Believe, and in your commitment, in your believing, I will send forth the angels to go before you, and they will smooth the path, or they will support you with courage, and strength to climb up and over every obstacle that you are meant to climb.  All things will come to you when it is time, but it is important that you believe. 

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Nothing is impossible with God, therein place your faith and your trust, for that which is to be, that which is written upon the hallways and the walls of eternity, will happen.  Therefore, walk the path set before you in confidence that God is with you.  Do not close your eyes and run away.  God is with you every day.  Seeing the miracles, experiencing the miracles, all come from your willingness to say, “God, Thy will be done, today.”