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December 25, 2020



      Today, many of you, are celebrating, are commemorating, the birth of a Child.  That Child, that perfect, sacred Child, was born, thousands of years ago, in a rural setting, The Child of Bethlehem.  And you are celebrating, reading passages, and remembering: that angels did sing on the hillsides; that individuals did bring gifts, and honor, the birth of this Child; that miracles filled the air, around this Child.  That was thousands of years ago, in a place you would call small and ordinary.  Today, think of yourself, and those you love, your family, your friends, those you draw near to you, and begin to realize that everything, you say and do, has the ability to impact all who follow you, in the years to come.  Correct what you think: so that the words you say will hold the spirit of who you are; so that, that which you do today, will be remembered years from now, in a wonderful way, an uplifting way, a glorious way.  Spend this Christmas day in good thoughts, doing good deeds.  Make merry.  Sing and dance, celebrating The Light that is with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let there be songs on the hillside.  Let there be gifts, passed amongst you.  Let there be love in the air.  Let there be peace everywhere.  Today, remember, He is with you.