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December 26, 2019



      If you are willing, I will teach you My ways, for My ways are not the ways of the world.  Some of you have been taught, from the time you were a little child, sometimes directly with instruction, and sometimes through example, what you saw happening around you, and often times, this included: how to bend other people to fit your will; how to use your voice, and your tone, and your words to intimidate other people to do your will; and, sometimes actually to force that your will be done.  Hear this, My first gift to you was free will, so that you might do as you choose to do; therefore, when coming to Me I knew, and I know, that you come of your own free will.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Most often the ways of God are not the ways of the world created by man.  God knows.  God holds eternal wisdom.  God is patient.  And, God recognized, from the very beginning, that free will is the answer, therefore when the children come, draw near, ask questions, and open to hear, it is done by their own free will, no coercion is necessary; this a good example, this is The Way.