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December 26, 2021



      Wherever you live, you know the ways of that place.  If you live in Africa, you know the ways of Africa.  If you live in Brazil, you know the ways of Brazil.  If you live in France, you know the ways of France.  And no matter what county, or state, or city you live in, you know the ways of that place.  You know the ways of the people around you, be they friends, family, community, of any sort, you know the ways.  It is time for you to know My Ways.  Come, and draw nearer to Me, so you know My Ways, so there is no doubt, or question, about My Ways.  Draw closer to Me, so that My Ways become your Ways.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       No matter where you reside, I AM within you.  And it is in this way that you will know The Ways of God.  For, God has sent Me, to dwell, within you.  There is no need to wander, in darkness, when The Light of God is within you.


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