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December 26, 2021



      “I AM with you.  And it is good that you recognize My Presence with you, as we grow closer together.  As we draw nearer to one another, you know Me better, and you are not surprised at the counsel I give you, the guidance, The Way I show you, because you know Me.  Feel My Presence with you, today, so that you might know The Ways of Heaven, through that which I teach you.                                    



      “When someone comes to visit you, from another country, you know they are not from your country.  They are slightly different, in many ways the same, but there is something different, about that person.  And the longer you talk, and spend time with them, you realize that they are from Germany, or Austria, or another country.  You can tell in the inflection of the voice, the words they speak, sometimes even in the dress.  They are similar, but slightly different.

      “No matter where you are from, you carry those markings with you, and often that is how someone will describe you, introducing you by name, and then say where you are from, before proceeding to tell more about you.  There are many signs of where you are from, your upbringing, your heritage.  And all these different places, and food, and clothing enrich the conversation, the friendship, because there is diversity, and it is colorful, often familiar, still, slightly different.

      “It is important for you to know who you are, the country of your birth, the culture from which you come.  But no matter how different each person might be from the other, there is a place, where there is kinship, where there is oneness, where there is sacred sameness.  And that place is created, every time you come together, every time you gather together, with other people, when each one gathering, recognizes that first they are citizens of Heaven, The Dimension of Perfection.  The kinship begins with The Eternal Parent, with God, and in this way each one is the same.  Recognize this.  Wherever you go: speak as if you know that you are an ambassador of Heaven; act as if you know that you are first a son, or daughter, of God; and, recognize the other sons, and daughters, of God, as family, as one.  Each time there is a gathering, there too is a place of Heaven, where the sons, and daughters, of God, are as one.