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December 27, 2018

God SpeaksResist the temptation to diminish your journey upon Earth, by
falling into the entrapment of fear, and doubt, and worry.
Choose to look at your journey upon the Earth, as the
adventure it is.    Embrace every day, and go-out
all along The Way, set to experience the ad-
venture of your lifetime; for, that
is what
it is!  And The Holy
Spirit says: You are
creating one of the greatest adventures
you will ever have 
in  your eternal life.
It is your Earth experience
as who you are
now!  Do not diminish your adventure by cloud-
ing it
with fear.  Embrace the opportunity; for, it is here,
it is with you, today!  You are creating a piece of your eternal life-
time, today!  Choose joy, choose happiness, choose courage, choose faith!