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December 27, 2020



      Do not ignore the wealth of wisdom, you carry within, seeking answers, from those you know, from those you think who know.  For, not even your mother, your father, your sister, or your brother, know what is within you.  My Holy Spirit is within you, and so is The Wealth, and The Wisdom, of The Heavenly Kingdom, within you.  Do not seek your answers, first, from those around you, who, I add, are struggling, too.  But go, first, within, to see The Wisdom that is with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you seek answers, to an important question, or questions, running from this person, to that person, to see what they would do, were they in your shoes, you begin to confuse the issue, at hand, because the answer will be different, or slightly different, from each person you ask.  One might say, “go this way,” and the other (say), “go that way.”  You might end up more confused than you were to begin with.  Go within.  The Divine Plan of God, set, so you would not be lost, or wander in darkness, is that you have The Spirit of God, within you.  And I stay within you, within each of you.  So, sit down, be quiet, go within, and ask.  And I will guide you to The Wisdom of God, and I will show you The Way.  It will not be clouded in chaos, or confusion.  My answers to you will illuminate The Way.