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December 27, 2020



      “I AM with you.  It is such a joy to be with you.  And when you recognize that I AM with you, it is a time for celebration.  For in the acceptance, in the embracing, of My Presence with you, you knock down the barriers, and throw open the doors: to a brighter day; to more joyful existence; to understanding the meaning that you a connecter of Heaven and Earth, that you are meant to bring Heaven onto the Earth.  It is possible for you to bless everything you do, upon the Earth, with Heavenly Grace.  This is all possible.  The Holy Spirit of God is within you.  Rejoice!  And let us go into this new day, together.                                      


      “Right now, today, many of you have just finished reading stories, or watching movies, or talking, about all the miraculous events, leading up to, and at, My birth, upon Earth, and even following My birth.  But I want you to look at them again.  Retrace your steps, and see how much God loved Me, that He would send His mighty angels, in dreams, and visions, so that there would be no chaos, or confusion.  And you just talked about it, you just read it, you just watched it, unfold.  But, do not ignore it.  When you close the book, on the story, do not put it down, and forget it, because it all happened, as it is reported.

      “An angel did speak, in the temple, to Zachariah.  An angel did visit Mary, a young girl, in a vision.  An angel did visit Joseph, in a dream.  Angels did sing, on the hillsides, and guide the shepherds, to come to Me.  A Light, in the heavens, did guide wise men, from afar.  An angel did come, again, in a dream, and tell Joseph to take us away.  An angel did appear, to the wise men, and say, ‘Do not return to Herod.’  I could continue, but you do see the point.  Can you imagine the chaos and confusion, if any of the individuals, involved in this story, had ignored the vision, ignored the dream, ignored the call, ignored The Light, ignored the songs?  It would not be the same.  It would be entangled, in worldly refrain, words such as, ‘Maybe I saw.’  ‘Maybe I heard.’  ‘Maybe it could happen.’  But these were people of faith.  And they followed the visions, they followed the dreams, they followed The Light, and they followed the songs.  They followed the signs, sent to show The Way. 

      “Now, you receive signs, visions, dreams every day.  You have inner guidance, from The Holy Spirit, which is within each of you.  But you have also been given free will to make a choice.  You choose.  Do you follow what Uncle Phil said to do?  Or, do you heed the dream sent to you?  Do you follow what your teacher told you to do?  Or, do you heed the vision sent to you?  Do you accept your friend’s advice?  Or, do you seek The Wisdom of Heaven, from within?  Pay attention to the choices you make, because this, I promise you.  The answers, you seek, will come to you in dreams, and visions, and signs.  And, if you have the wisdom to sit down, and go within, asking for guidance, from The Holy Spirit of God, that is within you, you will know The Way.  And The Way will be made clear for you.  For The Promise has always been, and it remains so.  See, I send an angel before thee, to show you The Way.  This is the only difference, the same can be for you, today, as it was for Me then.  And there were threats, and there were dangers.  Still, they listened.  They took the guidance from Heaven, and made their way, in the world.  You can do the same.  With faith, accept what you receive, that is especially for you, and make your way, in the world.  It is designed so you will meet your destiny.  The Ways of God are miraculous.  There will be no chaos, or confusion when you accept The Word, and follow The Way.”

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