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December 28, 2019




      If today you feel you are cloaked in sadness and isolation, that you dwell in darkness, close your eyes and look.  My hand will pierce the darkness and reach-out to you.  My hand holds the key to the prisons of guilt and sadness.  My hand will stifle those who condemn and rebuke you.  My hand will lift you up out of turbulent seas which threaten to bring you down, down, down.  Look.  Close your eyes to the world and look into the darkness, and there you will find My hand.  And, when you reach-out and take My hand, you will hear The Whisper, and you will know it, and it will bring you peace and comfort, and lead you into The Light, once again.  My child, we are one.  I created you.  We are spirit, and while you are upon the Earth it is impossible for Me not to know your tears, your pain, your loneliness.  Therefore, I hear you, I know you.  Here is My hand.  Listen to My whisper.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There can be great temptation, in times of celebration, dancing and joy-making, merry-making, to feel even more isolated and alone, to feel rejected when you sit at home, when others’ voices are raised in song, and their feet beat upon the floor in a rhythm of dance.  There is no need for you to feel alone.  Reach-out.  We are with you.  We are one.  God The Father knows the child.  The Son knows the walk upon Earth, very well.  And, I AM The Breath of God.  I will fill you with joy, and wisdom, and love, if you will just close your eyes and see.