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December 28, 2020



      Do not turn your head, when the path is before you.  Do not let fear or doubt rob you of the gift you have been given.  Do not let worry or concern keep you from taking the step.  Do not seek another way, when The Way is awaiting you.  The time is now, and you are ready, because the hour has come.  Lift your head, and step forward, not with hesitation, but with eager anticipation, to see the new day unfold, with signs, and messages, and visions, and wonders.  The Holy Spirit is within you to give you counsel, and angels go before you, and assemble to minister to you.  All eternity is waiting for you to take your place and assume the role, for which you have been well prepared.  Fear not, for I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be still and listen.  I will guide you where you are meant to go.  I will show you all you are meant to see.  I will whisper all you are meant to hear.  Watch for the signs, as they are all around you.  Listen for the messages.  Do not deny the dreams and visions, which come to you.  And when it is not clear, what you are to do, I will lead you, from within.  But you must be still and quiet to hear Me.  Listen for My whisper, as I AM The Still, Small Voice, and I AM within you, so you might know The Way, and walk in it.